The entire goal of Now Or Never is to tell the story of the last remaining Tapanuli orangutans and raise awareness for their precious biodiverse home, the Batang Toru Forest.

And you can help too by sharing this story via email below and by sharing on your social media and asking your friends to do the same. If we all come together and spread the word, there is hope for saving Batang Toru, the Tapanuli orangutan, the countless other endagered species living in the forest.


Help the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) in their work to conserve Batang Toru and the Tapanuli orangutan by making a donation. They are the only organisation to monitor and research Tapanuli orangutans and Now Or Never would not have been possible without the incredible work they are doing.


Sign a petition calling for the President of Indonesia, and all members of the Indonesian government to stop the construction of the 510 megawatt hydro-electric dam currently being built in the area of Batang Toru where the highest density of Tapanuli orangutans are found. Due to be completed by 2022, if the dam is finished, it will eventually lead the last remaining Tapanuli orangutans to extinction.