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Now Or Never Winning Awards

NOW OR NEVER WINNING AWARDS In the space of two weeks between 25 April and 9 May 2019, Now Or Never was chosen as the winner of the Best Short Documentary Award at International Film Festival de Santa Cruz in Argentina, and subsequently won the Best Documentary Prize at the British Documentary Film Festival in the UK. Director Matt Senior expressed his delight at these successes: [...]


The Indonesian Voice of Now Or Never

THE INDONESIAN VOICE OF NOW OR NEVER The Indonesian narration for Now Or Never has been recorded by Indonesian YouTube Curator, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur Cindy Thefannie. Cindy wanted to get involved with Now Or Never as she has a desire to help others and be an inspiration. Especially towards the younger generation both in Indonesia and internationally, as they are the key for a brighter future, just like [...]


The English Voice of Now Or Never

THE ENGLISH VOICE OF NOW OR NEVER “Now or Never is a well-crafted snapshot of the urgent and pressing issue of habitat loss, that not only pose a life-or-death challenge for the animals of the natural world, but also for those of us humans that rely on it. Amid an unprecedented rise in global temperatures and climate change hot on the lips of many politicians, Now or [...]


Expedition to Batang Toru

EXPEDITION TO BATANG TORU In search of the rarest great apes in the world. The Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) have published a behind the scenes blog post on the adventures the Now Or Never team experienced whilst filming in Batang Toru, as told through the Director's eyes. "In June 2018, filmmaker Matt Senior embarked on a journey into Batang Toru, a tropical rainforest in the heart of North Sumatra. He was [...]


Letter To The President

LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT On the 10th July 2018, 25 world leading scientists sent a hand-written letter to the President of Indonesia urging him to stop the development of the hydro power project threatening the survival of the rarest great apes on the planet - the Tapanuli Orangutans. Bill Laurance, Director of ALERT explains that "this [hydro power] project is supported by the Bank of China and Sinohydro, [...]


NFTS Share The Thief

THE NFTS SHARE THE THIEF Shot on location whilst filming Now Or Never in Batang Toru. The NFTS have shared a short film called The Thief on their social media pages. The short film was produced by Matt Senior, director of Now Or Never, whilst on location in the Batang Toru Forest. Matt was staying deep inside the forest at the research camp of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP). Every [...]


The Tapanuli Twins

TAPANULI TWINS DISCOVERED In May 2018, conservationists Andayani Oerta G. and Ulil Amri Silitonga discovered a female orangutan with twins. Female orangutans usually only have one child at any one time, and they must wait 6 to 9 years before they can have another. For an orangutan to have twins is an exceptionally rare find. More so, the Tapanuli Orangutans are the most endangered great ape species on the planet, [...]


Why are Tapanuli Orangutans Unique?

WHY ARE TAPANULI ORANGUTANS UNIQUE? Only recently were the Tapanuli orangutans of Batang Toru discovered to be a new species, but what is it that makes them so unique? Research indicates that there was a genetic separation between Sumatran and Bornean orangutans around 3.38 million years ago. Now the Tapanuli orangutans have been identified, research indicates that they were genetically separated from Bornean orangutans 670,000 years ago. That means [...]


Announcement of a New Species

ANNOUNCEMENT OF A NEW SPECIES On 2 November 2017 it was announced, in the scientific journal Current Biology, that a team of scientists had discovered that the orangutan population living in the Batang Toru Forests in North Sumatra to be genetically distinct from both Sumatran and Bornean orangutans – and therefore a separate species known as the Tapanuli Orangutan. According to the findings in the journal, the Tapanuli Orangutan is in fact [...]


The Avaaz Campaign

THE AVAAZ CAMPAIGN Avaaz have picked up a campaign to stop the new hydro power dam project threatening the survival of the Tapanuli Orangutans. The Tapanuli Orangutans were only identified by science in 2017, the newest great ape species in almost 100 years. But they are also the most endangered with less than 800 of them living in the Batang Toru Forest. This forest is their only home, and sadly that home [...]