The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) are working hard everyday in the Tapanuli region of North Sumatra, and within the Batang Toru rainforest.

On the SOCP website they give a detailed insight into why Batang Toru is so important, the species that live there, and the work they are doing.

“Research has revealed that the orangutans in the Batang Toru Ecosystem are the last surviving remnants of an ancestral wild orangutan population that once stretched from Lake Toba in the north all the way to the south of Sumatra. This research suggests that all orangutans further to the north in Sumatra and all those in neighbouring Borneo may well be descended from this now largely extinct ancestral population, of which only the Batang Toru orangutans remain. Due to their genetic uniqueness, the Batang Toru orangutan population  deserves the highest conservation effort.

The Batang Toru Ecosystem is also home to the Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger, pangolin and helmeted hornbill. Sun bears, tapir, serow and a host of other rare endangered and species, including more than 300 bird species recorded so far.”

To read more about Batang Toru and the work SOCP are doing, please click here.


Images: Matt Senior