Avaaz have picked up a campaign to stop the new hydro power dam project threatening the survival of the Tapanuli Orangutans.

The Tapanuli Orangutans were only identified by science in 2017, the newest great ape species in almost 100 years. But they are also the most endangered with less than 800 of them living in the Batang Toru Forest.

This forest is their only home, and sadly that home is being destroyed. A new hydro power dam is being built in the heart of the orangutans habitat.

Over a million people have already signed the petition as part of the huge campaign led by Avaaz and you can too.

The campaign is to show the President of Indonesia, the person who has the power to stop this new devastating new project, that the world cares about the Tapanuli Orangutans and they are aware of the dark cloud surrounding Batang Toru and Now Or Never story.

Click here to sign the petition and contribute towards saving this critically endangered species.