In the space of two weeks between 25 April and 9 May 2019, Now Or Never won a second and third award – Best Short Documentary at International Film Festival de Santa Cruz in Argentina, and Best Documentary at the British Documentary Film Festival in the UK. Throughout the summer of 2019 the Awards continued to come…

These awards were followed by: Best Environmental Film at the Alaska Film Awards in June; Best Short Documentary at Mexico City International Film Festival; First Place at the Animal Behavior Society Film Festival in Chicago, US; the Jury Prize at Canal de Panama International Film Festival; Save the Planet Award at IFF On The Beach Film Festival in Bulgaria; Best Documentary Short at New Renaissance Film Festival in London; and Best Student Production at LabMeCrazy Film Festival in Spain; as well as a special mention at Jackson Wild.

Director Matt Senior expressed his delight at these successes: “The goal with Now Or Never has always been share this story with as many people as possible and help raise awareness, so the team and I are delighted that Now Or Never has been selected for several film festivals around the world.” He added: “But for the film to then win multiple awards, I cannot explain how extremely proud we all are.”

Now Or Never is also being screened at several other film festivals across five continents which are highlighted on the Now Or Never home page.